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“Thank you for the gift of this intro package it's been a life enhancing experience.”
– Phoebe Tait


“I just passed my 3 year anniversary! I just wanted to say thank you because this practice has been so transformative.”
– Kate Magic

“BITL always has a great positive feel to it when you walk through the doors, and staff always say hello and are very helpful.”
– Dave West

“The first class I ever went to at BILT changed my life, I had the feeling I was somewhere special and that I had to come back as often as possible. At Bikram in The Lanes I experience the highest quality and most inspiring yoga classes I’ve ever had the privilege of being part of.” 

– Camilla Cannon

“Thanks guys! And thanks to Bikram in the Lanes I'm not feeling my age!”

– Jon Finn

"No matter how I'm feeling before class, by the end of it my body and mind feel so much better."
- Louise Campagnone

“I wanted to let you know how brilliant the studio is and it's one of the things I have missed since moving away.”

- Elizabeth Danniell

“Practicing Bikram yoga at BITL has given me the strength and stamina to complete my postgraduate degree in psychology. I believe that the practice is the secret key ingredient to my academic and personal success, allowing me to regain so much of my focus and determination. I’m emotionally and mentally stronger than ever before, and have learned to maintain my balance in the most stressful of times. Thank you so much!”

- Ulrika Evermann

“I’m so grateful that l took up on your offer down the beach four years ago. It was and amazing discovery and it's been a great experience, sometimes challenging but the benefit of this yoga goes beyond any other kind of exercise.”

– Javier Simal

“I’d like to say you’ve created a great space at BITL and a model for other yoga schools in my humble opinion on a number of levels.  Your teachers are all great; each offering something slightly different alongside the practice and your classes in particular I love because you weave the practical application of yoga philosophy with grace, precision and enthusiasm into the sequence which makes it easier for me to use on and off the mat so thank you!”  

- Jinny Nash

 “I've been meaning to try Bikram yoga for a while and last week I decided to give it a go for a few reasons. I cannot express how different I feel within the short space of five classes.” 
– Lorran Shaerf

“It changed my career made me feel young again; thought I would never be able to play basketball like I used to. I’ve been playing basketball for a long time and spent a lot of time working on my body but nothing has been effective as yoga in extending my career making me feel young again and just enjoying moving on the basketball court. Thank you.”

– Marcus Fagon

“I’ve been doing yoga for twenty years and was a bit sniffy about Bikram when I first heard about it.  However, I have seen the benefits in my body and life, especially over the past year.  There are certain places that have stayed firmly stuck despite years of practice and which I believed were anatomical and would never change. I feel very grateful to have discovered how Bikram really does reach the places other yoga’s cannot reach and takes your body and mind to places you only dreamt of.“

- Melanie Knowles

“I work as a Compliance officer in a financial firm based in Brighton, and at times my job gets pretty stressful (days full of meetings, deadlines, rules and regulations). Bikram has helped me switch off and take my focus away from work as I’ve had a tendency to take work home with me, and when I  practice I find I can actually 'let go of my day' right from pranayama breathing”
– Dale Gordon

“There have been no regrets in my committing to an annual membership and to date I'm finding the routine and gifts the practice gives me incredibly supportive during my pregnancy.”

– Lisa Bealby

“I loved the class today!  Over the past 4 years I have had two children, and two C-sections.  I had no time to exercise looking after my two toddlers full time, so today was a big step for me, and after class today I’m buzzing. I can't believe after falling off the wagon for so long I actually have re-found some of my flexibility;  a real booster”
– Louise Almeida