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How to Prepare 


What to bring

Be prepared to bend and sweat! Wear close-fitting clothing that is not going to go see-through when wet, flexible (lycra) and light-weight. We recommend drinking plenty of water at least 2-3 hours before class (even a couple of litres the day before), and bring only a small bottle of water to class with you. We have mats and towels for hire, though many people choose to bring their own – it’s up to you! 


In class and afterwards

  • If you're new to class, set up your mat (which we will provide) in the second, third or fourth row, so you can follow the lead of more regular practitioners.

  • You'll need to see yourself in the mirror so stagger your mat rather than place it directly behind the one in front.

  • Continue to drink water after class to keep yourself well hydrated.

  • If you feel tired after class it is often because you need to replenish your body with lost minerals and electrolytes. One of the quickest (and tastiest) ways of doing so is with fresh green juice or coconut water—favourite drinks among Bikram students.

  • Bring a piece of fruit to snack on after class as you will most likely be craving something healthy.

  • Our changing rooms have showers, hair dryers and you can rent towels if you haven't brought your own. The reception and chill-out area is large enough to congregate in after class and provides you with a chance to meet and exchange your experience with your fellow yogis.