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Welcome to YITL


Dear Simon,
Welcome to our yoga community at Bikram in the Lanes. As a new student at our school we want to provide some practical advice & guidance as you start off (or carry on) your yoga journey.



Attending & Booking Into Class


Usually the first challenge of establishing any new activity is fitting it into your day.To help we run alternate day schedules and feature 35 regular scheduled classes every week, remain open every day, including Bank Holidays.

Booking in advance is not required, although many students register for class online as it helps them stay committed and able to maintain a regular practice.
Access your 'User Profile' via the studio website (www.bikraminthelanes.com) from which you can schedule classes, view class credit, make purchases and view your visit history over time. If you've any issue setting this up, stop by the desk and we'll help you to access your profile.

We're often asked "how often should I attend class?" Your schedule will largely dictate this, but we suggest coming as often as you're able in the beginning and then tapering down to a maintain your good changes. Your INTRO allows you the freedom to practice every day, so take advantage of this and see what's possible in a surprisingly short amount of time!

When you practice at least 3 times a week, you'll experience first hand very real benefits of attending class; both in the way you feel, as well as the way you begin to see and appreciate everything around you.


Benefits of Class & Posture Workshops

For many, the 90 minutes in class become the most efficient part of their day, simply because everything flows more easily when we're practicing. You'll experience greater physical & mental well-being, clarity & efficiency in your decision making and notice how time beyond class is more productive and enjoyable.

We hold 'Posture Workshops' every month typically run during the third weekend of the month without the heat. They're included in the 30 Day INTRO, otherwise £15. They provide a relaxed environment for you to gain more information about the class. Time for personal corrections as well as valuable teaching points and questions answered.


Make It Pay - For You!

As the benefits of a regular practice become apparent during your INTRO, we've a number of plans aimed at making the cost of class affordable.

Firstly, every INTRO student benefits from a 20% saving on their first class card. In addition, if you maintain a current class card, you'll save 10% on any subsequent card that you buy providing this is purchased before your card expires.

If you fall into any of our Concessionary categories (i.e. Registered Student, over 65's, NHS & BHCC worker, Armed Forces & Emergency Services & Equity Member - proof of ID required) you're eligible for a 20% saving on any class card/membership. There's even a Family Discount if you'd like to practice with loved ones.


d2ec6af2-5bde-4157-b83e-cd787ba515d3Studio Etiquette

Finally a note about studio etiquette. In the beginning, everything is new; teachers, postures, the studio, mats & towels as well as hydration; there seems to be a lot to remember.

Our objective is to keep things simple and provide a space for you to develop your practice and develop a greater understanding of yourself.

After just a handful of classes, the structure and rhythm of class and the little details will make more and more sense. The class structure takes on real meaning as your expressions of each posture begin to change. This is the makings (and foundation) of your yoga practice. We look forward to helping make this a rewarding and material journey of self discovery.

Welcome to our yoga community, and if at any time you have questions speak to either of us or any member of our staff.

Sincerely yours,

Simon & Bridgett Ane Goddard
Directors & Teachers - Bikram in the Lanes

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